DIY Kit - Succulent - 5.5" Terrarium Glass Slant Bowl -
DIY Kit - Succulent - 5.5" Terrarium Glass Slant Bowl -
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DIY Kit - Succulent - 5.5" Terrarium Glass Slant Bowl -
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DIY Kit - Succulent - 5.5" Terrarium Glass Slant Bowl -

DIY Kit - Succulent - 5.5" Terrarium Glass Slant Bowl

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  • (1) 5.5” Slant Glass Bowl
  • (3) 2" Succulents
  • (1) Small bag Pearl Stone
  • (1) Small bag Cactus Soil
  • (1) Mini bag Desert Sand
  • (1) Mini Bag of Lava Rock
  • (1) Mini Bag of Forest Moss
  • (1) Mini bag charcoal

Congratulations on your purchase of a DIY Succulent Slant Bowl Terrarium Kit! Please carefully remove your succulents from their packaging upon arrival, handling them with care to avoid damaging the leaves. Your succulents can be kept in a bright windowsill and watered weekly until the kit is ready to be used. Upon arrival, we ask that you check to make sure all listed components are included and that your slant bowl has arrived undamaged.

  • When you are ready to begin your DIY Kit, prepare a workspace on a flat surface with plenty of room to spread out your materials. Be sure to open all the bags and keep them within arms reach for easy access.
  • You should begin by cleaning your slant bowl with rubbing alcohol and rinse well after. To avoid leaving smudges on the glass throughout the process, it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly--especially fingertips.
  • To begin the assembly, pour the bag of desert sand into the bowl and spread it around evenly with your fingers. To settle the sand more evenly, lightly tap the container against the workspace surface.
  • Since the slanted bowl does not have drainage please follow these first steps in the assembly process carefully. First, pour about half the bag of pearl stones into your glass bowl and using your fingers spread them level in the bottom of the bowl.
  • Next make a second layer in the bowl with the charcoal pieces. Evenly sprinkle the charcoal pieces on top of the pearl stone layer. Adding the charcoal will help keep the hard mineral content of the soil and rocks low, discourage the growth of algae or bad bacteria, and even prevent certain bugs.
  • For the next layer, empty the bag of cactus soil into the bowl and gently spread it on top of the rock and charcoal layers. Note- It may be helpful to lightly tap your bowl on a hard surface between adding layers to help even out and flatten the layers into place.
  • Time to prepare your succulents. Remove each succulent from its container by giving the pot a few light squeezes to release the roots. The succulent should then easily pop out. If not, carefully hold the pot upside down and with one hand cradling the succulent plant slowly pull it out of its container.
  • Gently remove excess soil from the succulent’s root clump by working your fingers through the roots. Some pieces of the roots may break off, this is totally fine.
  • Ready to plant! It can be helpful to simply place your succulents in different positions without planting at first so you can move them around until you find a configuration that you like. Once you decide on their locations in the bowl, one at a time, starting from the back, plant your succulents in the soil.
  • To plant your succulents, create a small divot in the soil and lightly press the roots down and cover with soil. You can surround the base of your succulent with some pearl stones to help support your plant. Do this with each succulent.
  • Now give your freshly planted succulents about an ounce of water. Tip- water your succulents at the base of the plant not over the top of them.
  • To finish your terrarium, use the remainder of the pearl stone, the desert sand, lava rocks, and moss to create your landscape!


  • Place your terrarium in a bright location that does not receive direct sunlight for any longer than an hour a day.
  • Proper watering is key to taking care of your succulents. The brighter and sunnier the location of your terrarium the more frequent your succulents will need water. Pay attention to the dampness of the rocks and the soil and only water when they are totally dry. Another way to gauge if your succulents need water is if their leaves begin to soften and shrivel.
  • Water using a thin spouted watering can or a dropper and only water at the base of the succulent.