DIY Kit - Succulent - 6" Sphagnum Moss Living Frame

DIY Kit - Succulent - 6" Wood & Moss Living Frame

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  • (1) 6” x 6" Wood Living Frame Planter
  •   - Frame is prefilled with soil and moss
  • (5) 2" Succulents

Note: You will need a pair of wire cutters for assembly.

Congratulations on your purchase of a DIY Living Frame Planter Box Kit! The Living Frame DIY Kit makes for a beautiful and unique living piece of art. The frame can be hung on a wall or laid flat on a surface. Please carefully remove your succulents from their packaging upon arrival, handling them with care to avoid damaging their leaves. Your succulents can be kept on a bright windowsill and watered weekly until the kit is ready to be used. Upon arrival, we ask that you check to make sure that all listed components are included and not missing or damaged.

  • When ready to start assembling your planter, prepare your workspace on a flat surface and lay out your materials.
  • Next prepare your succulents. Give the succulent pots a few little squeezes to release the roots and soil. Slowly and carefully pull your succulent out of its pot. Using your fingers lightly work through the roots to remove excess soil. Some pieces of the roots may fall off, this is normal.
  • With the Living Frame laid flat, arrange your succulents on the metal grid and decide how you want your piece to look. It might be helpful to take a picture for reference.

  • Now using your wire cutters, carefully clip a small opening in the wire where you are planting your first succulent.

  • Next, gently push the roots into the hole in your frame. In order to fully plant your succulent, add some extra soil from the pot into the hole to help secure your plant. Continue this process with the remaining succulents.

  • When you are finished planting all your succulents, keeping the frame flat add some water to moisten the soil and moss. Try not to water the leaves of your succulents. Place your frame in bright sunlight for at least two weeks so that the succulents can establish a root system.

  • Now you are ready to display your Living Art.


  • Be sure to place your Living Frame where it can receive plenty of bright sunlight. A few hours or less of direct sunlight.
  • Carefully water your succulents only when the soil is fully dry. Depending on the sunlight and humidity, your succulents usually are watered once a week or less. Remember to check the soil for dryness before you water and only water when fully dry.